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History of Cartography

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"The History of Cartography" - The History of Cartography as a subject of study has over the last forty years emerged from a little noticed discipline to become one of wide ranging and increasing importance. As a subject it is not limited to the physical geographical or cartographical content of maps, but touches many areas of study such as History, Art and Art History, Mathematics, Ethnic studies, and International law. The History of Cartography encompasses not only the study of maps, but the study of texts written to accompany maps, those supported by maps and the processes by which maps were produced and marketed.

We will begin our study of the History of Cartography by familiarizing ourselves with a quick overview of the historical time-line. For simplicitiy's sake we must divide our time-line into three separate, geographically regionalized lines. The first time-line will cover the history of  European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cartography. We will then examine Asian Cartography, and finally that of the indigenous African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific cultures.

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