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Waterscape Bowen Isl - Poster

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Title:   Waterscape Bowen Island: water for our island community

Author:   Turner, R J W; Franklin, R G; Journeay, J M; Hocking, D; Franc de Ferriere, A; Chollat, A; Dunster, J; Whitehead, A; Whitehead, D G
Source:   Geological Survey of Canada, Miscellaneous Report 88, 2005; 1 sheet
Publisher:   Natural Resources Canada / Ressources naturelles Canada
Document:   serial
Lang.:   eng
Media:   paper; on-line; digital
File format:   pdf; MrSid; JPEG2000
Province:   British Columbia
NTS   92G/06W
Area:   Bowen Island
Lat/Long WENS   -123.5000 -123.2500 49.5000 49.2500
Subjects:   hydrogeology; water utilization; water quality; groundwater circulation; groundwater flow; groundwater pollution; groundwater resources; groundwater discharge; groundwater levels; groundwater regimes; groundwater movement; climate effects; climatic fluctuations; conservation; environmental impacts; environmental controls; hydrologic environment; environmental studies
Illustrations   cross-sections; block diagrams; photographs; schematic diagrams
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Links   Geoscape Canada
Links   Bowen Island Waterscape
Links   Hydropanorama de l'île Bowen
Download   Publication (GeoPub)
Download   Scanned map (Mirage)
Released   2005 03 01
GEOSCAN ID   220217

Bowen Island - Atlas Shader

Bowen Island - NetGIS Shader

Bowen Island - 10m elevetion Grid

Bowen Island - 3D Grid Model -  made with use of GlobalMapper

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